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Wine and Meads

Our Meads and Specialty Wines are bottled under our Los Californios Winery Label. We produce three different meads all at 12.5% ABV and an Agave Wine at 8% ABV Both of these wine types are unique and are among the oldest alcoholic beverages consumed by humans. All our wines are made from fresh all natural wholesome ingredients containing no sulfites or preservatives.

Day-Glo Red

Day-Glo Red is a blend of:
33% Cabernet Sauvignon
33% Syrah
33% Zinfandel
The flavor profile of this wine is very balanced, it brings out the best of the three grapes, exhibiting the rich fruit character of the Zin, supported by the subtle sweetness of the Syrah, with a bold clean finish from Cabernet.

Mead (Honey Wine)

Our traditional mead is full bodied with a robust honey character; a good candidate for mulling with spices. Raise a glass to good cheer whilst you dine on roasted meats or fish and imagine a medieval scene as you drink the drink of Kings and Men of Lore.

Pomegranate Mead

Made from the “Treasure of Asia Minor” the juice of the exotic pomegranate is blended with golden sweet honey and fermented together. This all natural beverage delivers the perfect balance of sweet and tartness.

Pulque Fino

100% Agave Pulque is reminiscent of tequila in the nose. The high fructose nectar delivers citrus-like nodes and ferments with sherry-like qualities that give it a smooth and distinctive flavor.