620 F St., Fresno, CA [ map & directions ] (559) 264-6323 Wednesday thru Saturday 4pm to 11pm
Sunday 12pm to 6pm


We serve a variety of hand-crafted, premium-quality beers.

Cluster Fuggle Cream Ale

Our most popular beer. A classic cream ale made in the style of the North Eastern States. Golden with a creamy texture and named for the hops used in it’s production. Fermented cold and aged for 90 days at 5.6% Alcohol By Volume.

American Wheat Ale

A unique blend of American Two Row Pale Malt and American White Wheat, resulting in a light golden hue with a delicate hopping and clean finish. 5.2% Alcohol By Volume.

High Speed Rail Red Ale

Lots of caramel and roasted malt gives this beer a big malty sweet body, moderately hopped at 5.3% Alcohol By Volume.

1850 London Porter

Made in the style of the Victorian Age. This “Extra Stout Porter”is made with dark caramel & black malt delivering a delightfully smooth and rich flavor without a husky harsh finish at 5.5% Alcohol By Volume.

Russian Imperial Stout

A classic Baltic Stout of imperial proportion. Our Russian Imperial Stout is made from a double batch of our porter grain bill and boiled down to half the volume, hopped with Northern Brewers and aged for more than a year. Smoooth! at 11% Alcohol By Volume.

Bad Ass Barley Wine

Rich malt, with some caramel, and a dry finish. Deep amber in color with assertive hop bittering. Weighing in at 11% Alcohol By Volume.

Brown Ale

This medium bodied ale is dark brown in color. Made with dark roasted & caramel malts, it’s balanced with a moderate hopping–a rich chocolate nutty flavor abounds in every pint at 5.5% Alcohol By Volume.

Velvet Mash

A Red Ale Velvet Mash