Cryo’self To Sleep NE IPA

6.3% ABV|50 IBU

When it’s 110F+ outside during the day but the beer still needs to be brewed, you come in at midnight and get the job done. What sleep schedule…? This hazy ipa is made with pilsner and wheat malts and flaked oats. The pillowy malt base supports the addition of equinox, mosaic and citra hops. Some more Mosaic and Citra Cryo hops are also added to the dryhop, pushing the envelope of hop aroma and flavor with notes of tropical fruits and zesty citrus leaping out of the glass.

Brew U Huell Melon Single Hop Pale Ale

5.6% ABV|35 IBU

The first release in the Brew U collaboration series with Fresno State, we decided to explore the aromas and flavors of a new hop variety from Germany, Huell Melon, by using them exclusively in this flavorful Pale Ale. Boasting unique fruity notes of melon and strawberry, the hops are supported by Golden Promise malt from Scotland for some malt sweetness. An American yeast leaves the beer clean and clear to allow the hops to shine.

Cryo Juice NE IPA

6.6% ABV|55 IBU

Our Flagship Juicy NE IPA Gets a New Twist; Cryo Hops! This latest innovation in hops allows even more delicious hop oils to be crammed into every pint. The addition of flaked barley adds more juicy body and signature opaque haze to the fruity and citrusy combo of El Dorado, Mosaic, Armarillo, and Centennial Hops. Drink Fresh!!

Salt Bae Gose

4.4% ABV|8 IBU

A slightly tart, slightly saline German Wheat session ale. Made with pilsner and wheat malts with freshly crushed coriander and pink Himalayan salt in the kettle. Mandarina Bavaria hops were added to the fermentor to amplify the bright citrus notes. The tart lactic acidity balances the bready malts, while the salt dances near the threshold of perception. A thirst-mutilating quencher, it’s got electrolytes. It’s what plants crave

Cluster Fuggle Cream Ale

5.6% ABV|15 IBU

Our flagship Cream Ale is like an ale version of an American Lager. Brewed with rice and corn for a light body and crisp finish, a slight malty sweetness and a light touch of Cluster and Fuggle hops balances everything out for a “lawnmower beer” just perfect for a Central Valley summer.

Saison Ticket Holder Dryhopped Saison

6.2% ABV|30 IBU

Pilsner, white wheat and Munich malts for the light malt base on which the French Saison yeast can shine, bringing fruity esters, spicy/rustic notes, light body and dry finish characteristic to the style. For a citrusy American twist, 2lb/BBL of Amarillo and Citra hops are added after fermentation, amping up the bright fruity and zesty citrus notes.

Bush League American Barleywine

9.6% ABV|100 IBU

Warrior, Chinook and Cascade hops make this big Barleywine hop-forward, with a big malt backbone from a two hour boil and over 800lbs of grain. Over time this beer will continue to mature and the balance will gradually swing from hops to malt, with the stronger flavors subsiding and the complexity increasing.

Killwood IPA V.3

6.1% ABV|60 IBU

Our rotating IPA series, every batch is a new experiment in hoppiness. Named after the bark beetle wood that decorates our taproom and tap handles, the recipe will change but it will always be a West Coast-inspired IPA. V3 features a simple malt bill and dry finish to allow the Columbus, Simcoe, and Zythos hops to take center stage with their dank, resinous, and piney tongue-coating hop oils. Vermont yeast keeps it hazy and adds some fruity notes to the mix to add to the dankness.

Dubbel Dubbel Belgian Ale

7.2% ABV|20 IBU

Originally brewed by monks in monasteries in Belgium, this Dubbel is richly malty, with Belgian yeast notes of banana and clove creating a complex Trappist strong ale that becomes more aromatic and flavorful as it warms in the glass. The malt sweetness is balanced with the strong ABV to make a beer worth sipping and savoring.

Nothing in Common

4.4% ABV|15 IBU

The predominant style of Louisville until Prohibition, this history-inspired brew is like a dark cream ale. Despite the deep brown color it’s light in body, refreshing and quaffable. Flaked corn adds a corny aroma and light flavor, and a balance of subtle hops makes it a delicious session ale.

Sommerland PreProhibition Lager

5.1% ABV|30 IBU

Before it was Chinatown, our surrounding neighborhood was Germantown, populated by Volga German immigrants who knew the Central Valley as the “Sommerland,” the Land of Constant Summer. This beer is brewed in the style that German immigrants made in America, using American malts, flaked corn, and American Cluster hops. It’s cold-fermented with German Lager yeast for a crisp, light body and clean lager character with more grainy malt and floral/earthy hop flavors than modern-day versions.