Juicy NE IPA

6.6% ABV|55 IBU

An irresponsible amount of Mosaic, Citra, El Dorado, Amarillo and Centennial hops, along with Vermont ale yeast, makes for a stupendously aromatic and flavorful New England-inspired IPA. Unfiltered and as flavorful as it is opaque, enjoy notes of ripe fruits and bright citrus with a smooth, drinkable bitterness, with a dry finish that keeps you coming back for more. Drink fresh!

BiTWEiSSE Berliner Weisse

3.1% ABV|5 IBU

Named after our friends around the corner at BiTWiSE, this style hails from Berlin and is often called “the most refreshing beer in the world.” This Berliner Weisse is a light German Wheat Ale with a sharp Lactic Acid sourness, light body and low ABV. Using almost no hops, this brew is balanced by the crisp acidity instead of hoppy bitterness. As is traditional in Germany, you can opt for a shot of sweet syrup (“Mit Schuss”) to counterbalance the significant tartness; Red Raspberry (Himbeere), or Green Woodruff (Waldmiester).

Brew U Huell Melon Single Hop Pale Ale

5.6% ABV|35 IBU

The first release in the Brew U collaboration series with Fresno State, we decided to explore the aromas and flavors of a new hop variety from Germany, Huell Melon, by using them exclusively in this flavorful Pale Ale. Boasting unique fruity notes of melon and strawberry, the hops are supported by Golden Promise malt from Scotland for some malt sweetness. An American yeast leaves the beer clean and clear to allow the hops to shine.

Cluster Fuggle Cream Ale

5.6% ABV|15 IBU

Our flagship Cream Ale is like an ale version of an American Lager. Brewed with rice and corn for a light body and crisp finish, a slight malty sweetness and a light touch of Cluster and Fuggle hops balances everything out for a “lawnmower beer” just perfect for a Central Valley summer.

Bush League American Barleywine

9.6% ABV|100 IBU

Warrior, Chinook and Cascade hops make this big Barleywine hop-forward, with a big malt backbone from a two hour boil and over 800lbs of grain. Over time this beer will continue to mature and the balance will gradually swing from hops to malt, with the stronger flavors subsiding and the complexity increasing.