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Sunday 12pm to 6pm

Blake Jones and the Trike Shop, and Felsen (from San Francisco)

Blake Jones and the Trike Shop, Felsen (from San Francisco), plus NoCo (Fresno Dance Collective) and Matthew Embry +1!

A Rogue Festival benefit with mad pop and more!

2/9/2013 (Saturday)

Event starts at 8:00 PM

What kind of music do Blake Jones and the Trike Shop play?
Theremins whir, guitars clang, melodies surprise and classic pop song forms are run through a slightly dada-ist lens.
Life-long songwriter and DIY-er Blake Jones pipes in with, “I’m only just starting to learn how powerful music is. Music can heal your spirit, stretch your mind and make you shake your tail-feathers—and those are some pretty lofty goals for a noisy little rock band.”
But perhaps the only answer needed is that written by James Gardner of the All Music Guide:
“It lands like a pure-pop present on your doorstep!”

“Felsen’s music is both smart and sexy and is always catchy. It demands repeated listening. This is for Alt Rock fans of Wilco, Radiohead, the Flaming Lips, Beck AND fans of the classic sound of Pink Floyd, the Beach Boys and the Beatles.”

NOCO creates and performs original works of modern dance that have earned accolades across the country. From our annual productions in Fresno’s Rogue Festival to our touring engagements — including performances in San Francisco, Chicago, Dallas, and Atlanta — we’re always working to bring modern dance to art lovers and the public at large. We’ve also hosted nationally acclaimed artists for performances in our hometown of Fresno. http://nocodance.org/about/

Matthew Embry is a local musician and songwriter.

Ages 21+
Under 21 admitted with parent
Feel free to bring your own snacks or even dinner, but no outside beverages are allowed in the building.
We have a selection of 12 craft beers, wine, meads, bottled water, root beer, an assortment of teas, hot cocoa, and warm apple cider for you drinking needs!